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Over the recent years, cross border e-commerce trading volume and customers keep growing at high speed, according to statistics by IResearch, China cross border e-commerce trading volume reached 6.3 trillion RMB in 2016, it is expected to hit 8.8 trillion RMB in 2018. Chinese e-consumers shopping overseas online increased from 15 million in 2014 to 41 million in 2016, the fast increase pace is expected to continue, the era of all people Haitao (e-shopping overseas) is coming, mobile handsets become the main portal of shopping. In terms of export side, emerging markets become fascinating destination,Chinese local brands are starting to build their presence globally. With regard to import side, various cross border e-platforms are striving to enhance supply chain, genuine product guarantee, wide variety of products and satisfactory dispatch speed are among the factors concerned by Chinese customers in relation to selection of cross border platforms. VR/AR and blockchain technology are starting to find their application in cross border e-commerce, main stream e-platforms jump to the bandwagon of online celebrities+webcamming, apply the integrated method of content, community and e-commerce, it has become the popular method featuring high trafficking, low cost and high conversion rate.  

On the other hand, the competition of inbound e-commerce is getting more and more fierce, and the era of integration of online/offline retailing is coming! E-commerce has made inroads into many business modes (chain supermarkets orconvenience stores), with the advantage of huge network and experience of the real store to attract customers. Offline real retail stores, with the aid of technical advantages of internet and big data and etc. accumulated by e-commerce firms,endeavor to expand sales channels and improve business performance. New technologies sweep the retailing industry, a series of new business modes are mushrooming, smart convenience store has come into reality, all the resources swarm to the O2O integration and omni-channel. In the future, retailing channel will create more values in the industrial chain, personalized, tailor-made products will be in high demand, online retailing platforms, with the advantage of big data and artificial intelligence, will lay a good foundation for upstream brands to achieve flexible production, the integration of retailing industry and upstream manufacturing industry has found more integration scenarios.

Under this background, The 8th Cross-Border eCommerce Conference & Exhibition China 2017 and 3rd Global e-Retailing China Summit 2017 are coming back again together, this time we will gather more than 500 delegates from over 20 countries and regions around the globe, they are from global renowned retailers, brand owners and distributors, trading companies, ecommerce platforms, online merchants, postal and commercial logistics companies, cross-border payment services, e-commerce IT infrastructure and software solution providers, digital marketing, third party e-commerce operators, e-commerce parks, venture capitals and etc., covering the entire industrial chain. We will discuss not only cross-border ecommerce issue, but also inbound ecommerce and new ecommerce., such as how foreign brand with China stores and local e-retailer to carry out ecommerce business in the commercial elements can be reconfigured, how to integrate the offline/online at low cost, how the offline store can be upgraded, how to improve trafficking generation and operation capacity, how to employ new techniques to make the best use of data, and conduct analysis to the new business modes and etc. This event will offer you a great platform for exchange and networking, you can learn the latest development of Chinese retailing market, enhance corporate brands, explore potential customers, seeking cooperation opportunities, keep your company in the leading position in the competition!

Conference Highlights
  • 1
    500+ High Level Participants
  • 2
    100+ Foreign Delegate
  • 3
    50+  Ecommerce Platforms
  • 4
    50+  Retailers/Brand Owners from Local and International
  • 5
    50+  Foreign Trade Oriented Factory
  • 6
    40+ World-Renowned Experts and Industry Leaders as Speakers
  • 7
    15+ Key Countries Coverage
  • 8
    30+  Ecommerce Service Companies Exhibiting
  • 9
    Award Ceremony and VIP Banquet
  • As Russia's largest search engine company, we attend the summit and made a keynote speech,it has achieves good response, thanks to the organizers to provide us the platform!
    ---Co-Founder, Yandex
  • Very glad to join the summit, which provided us with a window to understand the Chinese market and laid the foundation for our future market entry in China.
    ---CEO, Fact-Finder
  • It is a great honor to be invited to this summit, this event have contribute a lot for the development of sino-russia cross-border eCommerce. Thanks to the organizer .
  • You did a good job, I have attended various eCommerce summit across the globe,this event is definitely one of the most successful event ever. See you next year!
    ---Chairman ,CBEC
  • You have exceeded our expectation, not only from the quality of the attendees ,but also the on-site service , you did a good job.
    ---Lead Cloud Architect, Rackspace
  • Very successful, you create a very good international communication platform for us, met a lot of new friends.
    ---Vice President,
  • To attend this summit is well worth it, the speakers are well choosed and the presentation is very practical, thank the organizer.
    ---GM, Nutraceutical
  • We came from the Netherlands to the E-Commerce summit held in China, we met a lot of potential Chinese partners, Great event!
    ---Chief Commercial Officer,Holland at Home B.V.
  • 5 people from our company attended the conference, the trip to China make a great foundation for our future cross-border E-commerce business in China, thank you!
    ---Executive director , SK Planet
  • It is one of the highest level international summit we attended, look forward to your next year's event!
    ---COO, Lengow
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